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Your $10 donations are already helping us connect humans with serious illnesses worldwide.

If you received an unexpected card, someone nominated you because you’re an incredible illness warrior! Cheers to you!


Holiday Card Event

We invite dogs + their humans to join our mission to bring joy to those who are ill and isolated. Make a donation TODAY to order one of our exclusive Holiday cards (to be delivered in December).

Know an illness warrior who needs a bit of cheer this year? Scroll down to Nominate them to receive a donated card.

Holiday Card Packages

$10 Donation

We will send out ONE card + sticker from your dog(s). You can either designate the recipient OR donate it and we will send it to an isolated illness warrior.

$25 Donation

SEND ONE, DONATE ONE. We will send out TWO cards + stickers from your dog(s). You can designate one recipient.  Plus, YOU get an exclusive event sticker!

$45 Donation

We will send YOU an 8-PACK of cards + stickers that you can send to others. ONE more card gets donated and sent to someone who needs cheer. Plus, a sticker for YOU!

How does the card event work?

Make a donation

$10, $25 or $45
to purchase a card or package.

Designate the recipient

or donate the card to be sent to an isolated illness warrior.

Enter your dog's name

to be printed on the label for sender recognition.

Share and invite

so other Dog Moms and Dads can participate!

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Cards will be sent

Watch for the shipping notice the first week of December.

Your donation: Pups with a Purpose is a program of Chronic Warriors Org, inc. All funds raised during the Holiday Card Event will go to support programs, like the Chronic Warrior Card Swap, that provide connection and social-emotional support for those who are isolated and living with a chronic illness..

About the Card

Central Florida artist Katrina Constantine (@KickingCones) created this exclusive design just for us! Each card is an art print complete with her signature. We love the colorful, festive, inclusive design and know that it will delight the dog lover in your world. The card is two-sided with the sentiment on the back. Each envelope bears a customized label with your dog’s name for sender recognition.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I love this card! Can I send one to someone who doesn’t have an illness?

Yes. The cards and sentiment are intended for someone with an illness, but can be sent to anyone who loves dogs or needs some cheer! We are  grateful for your support in any way that you wish to participate! 

I want one! Can I purchase one for myself?

Sure thing! You can send a card to anyone, including yourself!

Who will the donated cards be sent to?

You may designate someone you know who is battling an illness, or we  will send it to someone who needs cheering and to know they are not alone.

Can I send a card if I don't have a dog?


Can I send a card from my non-canine critter baby?

Yes! You may want to share the info in the “Sent from” space. (i.e. Fluffy  the Siamese Cat)

Do you sign each card?

No. We do everything we can to limit touching the cards. Additionally, the cards are two-sided and do not open. See photos for  more details.

What does the card say on the inside?

The card does not open. It is a front/back card printed on extra thick   paper. The sentiment is on the back of the card.

How does the recipient know it is from me?

You will designate the name(s) that go on the personalized address label.

What if I don't want my address on the return label?

Check the box to remain anonymous and your dog’s name + our mailing address will be printed on the return label.

What are you raising money for?

We fund programs that connect and support those living with chronic illnesses. This fundraiser will support our chronic warrior card swap  and private social network membership initiatives.

Is my donation tax-deductible?

Yes. We are a non-profit with 501(c)(3) status and your donations are tax-deductible.

I received a card. How do I send one?

Yay! We’re delighted that you love it and want to spread cheer, too! You can order a card on our site while supplies last. Otherwise, sign up to be  notified when the next card event begins in a couple months.

Who is the artist?

Orlando based artist Katrina Constantine of Kicking Cones is the creative genius behind our card design.

What size is the card?

The card is 5”x7”.

Can the card be framed?

Yes! It is ideal for framing. We hope the recipient will want to keep the  card as an art print. Additionally, it is thick enough to stand upright on a shelf. 

Can I purchase a large quantity of cards?

Sure thing! Please contact us directly via the contact form.

Meet our Creative Team

Kicking Cones

Artist of our Baby Phoenix

Sticker Wolf

Sticker Production

Big Ocean Creative

Web Designer

Nominate a Warrior or your fave Health Care Worker to receive some holiday cheer!